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All modern vehicles share similar game traits that are universal for the modern setting.

All modern vehicles use a petroleum based fuel for propulsion.

All modern vehicles use a Profession skill for a driving check.

Land – Profession: Driver

Water – Profession: Sailor

Air – Profession: Pilot

All modern vehicles are considered Facing Forward.

All modern vehicles use some form of a steering wheel as a Driving Device.

Most modern air and land vehicles have a driving space in the most forward squares. Water base vehicles are center/rear.

Most modern vehicles do not have a restriction to buy.

More information on vehicles can be found in The Pathfinder Role Playing Game: Ultimate Combat

Vehicle Table

Name: Make and Model of the vehicle.

Vehicle Type: The following skills will add your skill points to the base stats for the vehicle.

Squares: The number of squares the vehicle takes up on the battle mat. A vehicle’s width is always considered to be one square.

Cost: This is the purchase cost to acquire the vehicle. This number reflects the base price and doesn’t include any modifier for purchasing the vehicle on the black market.

AC and Hardness: The vehicle’s base Armor Class.

All vehicles also have a Hardness rating depending on type.

To calculate a vehicle’s actual Armor Class, add the character’s Profession (driver, pilot or sailor) modifier to the vehicle’ base Armor Class.

Hit Points: The vehicle’s full normal hit points. When a vehicle reaches half its hit points, it is disabled.

Base Save: The vehicle’s base save modifier. All of a vehicle’s saving throws (Fortitude, Reflex and Will) have the same value.

To determine a vehicle’s actual saving throw modifiers, add the character’s Profession (driver, pilot or sailor) modifier to this base value.

Maximum Speed: This is the fastest the vehicle can move.

CMB and CMD: This is the vehicle’s base CMB and CMD.

To calculate a vehicle’s actual CMB and CMD, add the character’s Profession (driver, pilot or sailor) modifier to the vehicle’s base Armor Class.

Acceleration: This is how fast a vehicle can increase or decrease safely in a round.

Crew: The first number lists the minimum crew complement the vehicle needs to function normally.

The second value lists the vehicle’s maximum of passengers.

Cargo Capacity: The amount of cargo the vehicle is designed to carry. Many vehicles can carry extra passengers instead of cargo, but doing so is usually a cramped, uncomfortable and often unsafe experience for those passengers. As a rule of thumb, one additional passenger can be carried for each 200 pounds of unused cargo capacity.

Name Type Sq Cost AC Hardness Hit Points Base Save Max Speed CMB/CMD Acceleration Crew Cargo Capacity
Audi R8 Land 1 $114,000 9 5   +0   4/14 32 1/1 100 lbs.
BMW 535I Land 1 $50,000 7 5   +1   4/14 28 1/4 300 lbs.
Cadillac CTS Land 1 $40,000 8 5   +2   4/14 28 1/4 400 lbs.
Dodge Charger Land 1 $30,000 8 5   +2   4/14 26 1/4 350 lbs.
Ford Mustang Land 1 $30,000 8 5   +1   4/14 28 1/3 250 lbs.
Honda Civic Land 1 $17,000 8 5   +2   4/14 24 1/3 150 lbs.
Mini Cooper Land 1 $21,000 8 5   +1   4/14 25 1/3 100 lbs.
Chevrolet Silverado Land 1 $25,000 8 6   +2   4/14 18 1/2 750 lbs.
Dodge Sprinter Cargo Van Land 2 $46,000 6 6   +4   4/14 16 1/7 3 tons
Jeep Commander Land 2 $38,000 9 6   +3   4/14 17 1/6 500 lbs.
Nissan Xterra 4×4 Land 1 $28,000 8 6   +2   4/14 18 1/4 400 lbs.
Ford F-350 Dually Land 1 $40,000 9 7   +4   4/14 16 1/4 1.5 tons
Volkswagen Routan Land 1 $32,000 7 6   +3   4/14 16 1/7 350 lbs.
Ducati 1198 SP Superbike Land 1 $22,000 10 3   +1   4/14 37 1/0 0
Harley Davidson Road King Land 1 $20,000 9 3   +1   2/14 25 1/1 50 lbs.
Suzuki RM-Z Land 1 $8,000 9 3   +0   2/14 18 1/0 0
Triumph Tiger Land 1 $9,000 9 3   +0   2/14 18 1/0 25 lbs.
Polaris Sportsman ATV Land 1 $9,000 9 3   +0   2/14 10 1/0 75 lbs.
Kenworth T-Moving Truck Land 1 $76,000 6 8   +4   6/16 15 1/2 14 tons
Armortek Armored Truck Land 1 $1,750,000 8 12   +5   10/20 15 1/3 3 tons
Armortek Armored Limousine Land 2 $650,000 8 10   +4   8/18 18 1/8 250 lbs.
Monterey Cabin Cruiser Water 3 $20,000 6 7   +4 80 10/20 8 1/12 1.5 tons
Sport Nautique Water 3 $60,000 8 6   +2   8/18 10 1/10 1000 lbs.
Yamaha Waverunner Water 1 $9,000 9 3   +1   6/16 11 1/1 0
Sikorsky Helicopter Air 3 $750,000 6 3   +4   8/18 22 2/12 2 tons
Bell 212 Jet Ranger Air 2 $550,000 6 7   +4   10/20 24 1/6 1000 lbs.
Learjet Mode. Corporate jet Air 3 $2,400,000 6 7   +4 1 12/22   2/10 500 lbs.
Cessna Caravan Prop Airplane Air 2 $1,700,000 6 5   +4   10/20 22 1/8 1.5 tons
Quicksilver GT Ultralight Air 1 $27,000 4 3   +5 80 8/18 8 1/1 50 lbs.

Civilian Cars

Most new civilian cars include such standard features as air conditioning, air bags, antilock brakes, cruise control, keyless entry and an AM/FM radio with CD & MP3 players. Luxury vehicles often also include extras such as heated side mirrors, power seats, leather upholstery, sunroofs and built-in GPS navigation. In general, these luxury amenities can be added to a non- luxury car with an increase of $1000 to the vehicle’s cost.

Unless otherwise noted, civilian cars provide three-quarters cover for their occupants (although passengers, who lean out of windows or sunroofs, perhaps to fire weapons, may be reduced to one-half or even one-quarter cover).

Driving a land vehicle is covered by the Profession: Driver skill.

Audi R8

This is a true supercar in every sense, with a lightweight body powered by a V-10 engine. At around 550 horsepower, the quick and agile R8 is tough to keep up with.

BMW 535I

A luxury sport sedan of the highest quality, this four-door car is built like a tailored suit. Catering to the business elite, this BMW mixes speed and agility with comfort and amenities.

Cadillac CTS

The CTS is a mid-size luxury sedan that offers great performance at a reasonable price. It offers roomy comfort while boasting superior handling.

Dodge Charger

The Charger is a popular remake of an American classic muscle car. This sedan offers an attractive style and gutsy performance.

Ford Mustang

Another icon of American horsepower, the Mustang is legendary for its performance and handling. As a two-door coupe it lacks passenger and cargo space, but that’s not why consumers buy them.

Honda Civic

Few cars have matched the reliability of the Honda Civic. This compact sedan offers an enjoyable ride at a reasonable price

Mini Cooper

Classic British styling combines with German engineering to produce a thrilling little compact coupe. Short on room but long on handling.

Civilian Trucks

Trucks include pickups, sport utility vehicles, vans and minivans. They generally have the same features as civilian cars.

Like cars, trucks generally provide three-quarters cover to their occupants. The rear bed of a pickup truck, however, provides only one-half cover.

Chevrolet Silverado

Rugged and reliable, the Silverado stands to be a solid V-8 powered work truck. With added styling and luxury features, this truck is also a popular daily driver.

Dodge Sprinter van

The Sprinter represents the new design of full-size cargo hauling vans. Highly adaptable for a variety of work applications, it can also serve as a passenger or personal-use van.

Jeep Commander

Superb off-road capabilities are the hallmark of this large SUV. The Commander offers full-size passenger space at a moderate price.

Nissan Xterra

The Xterra is an affordable compact SUV that is built for rugged off-road use. A definite lack of luxury is not missed when most owners only want to play in the mud.

Ford F-350 Dually

This super duty truck is made to haul heavy loads. The 6.7 liter supercharged diesel engine provides serious towing capacity and the various crew-cab styles offer a range of work-to-luxury options.

Volkswagen Routan

The Routan is a stylish passenger minivan that offers practical horsepower and stable handling.

Civilian Motorcycles

Unlike getting into a car, mounting a motorcycle is a free action. Motorcycles tend to perform better than automobiles, but they provide no cover to their occupants.

Ducati 1198sp

This Italian superbike is built for speed and performance. It is loaded with superior suspension, shocks and steering-dampers.

Harley Davidson Road King

The Road King is a classically styled cruiser/tour motorcycle. Heavy and stable, with a powerful motor that rumbles like no other, this bike is made for the open highway.

Suzuki rm-Z450

The RM-Z450 is a high performance motocross dirt bike. Precision steering and handling make this rugged bike a true competitor.

Triumph Tiger

The Tiger is a versatile mid-powered motorcycle that can be adapted for on-road or off-road riding. For those that mix it up between the street and the trail, this reliable bike fits all bills.

Other Civilian Vehicles

A few types of vehicles don’t fit neatly into the categories covered above. Many of these (such as the armored truck and the limousine) are usually custom built, so the model name isn’t specified as it is with most other vehicles in this section. The description and stats reflect a typical model.

Polaris Sportsman ATV

This heavy-duty four-wheeled ATV is built for work or play and can be adapted to hauling, towing, trailblazing or hunting.

Kenworth T-370 Moving Truck

This medium duty truck is all business, offering a solid and reliable cab & chassis coupled with a powerful diesel engine pushing 360 hp and 1050 ft-lbs of torque. With a 24′ box body attached to the frame, this Kenworth can haul some respectable loads.

Armortek Armored Truck

The classic armored vehicle used to transport money and other valuables. All windows, walls and doors are heavily armored, with extra protection in the operator’s location. Hidden gun ports increase the defensive capabilities of this truck.

Armortek Armored Limousine

A stretched sedan that offers a high level of luxury, along with the solid protection of an armored vehicle.

Civilian Water Vehicles

Piloting a water vehicle is covered by the Profession: Sailor skill.

Monterey Cabin Cruiser

This large boat is about thirty feet long and is built for running in open waters. Luxury options can reach obscene levels, but each Monterey is built to be comfortable and reliable.

Sport Nautique

This boat is mainly geared toward family water sports and activities. It is adaptable to many uses and luxury options are available.

Yamaha Waverunner

The Wave runner is a personal watercraft. It allows its operators to get into the tight spots that boats cannot. It can move quickly atop the water and has potential for several uses.

Civilian Aircraft

All aircraft, from one-seat to jumbo jets, are controlled by the use of the Profession: Pilot skill. A few examples are provided here from the variety of air going vehicles that might be available to characters.

Sikorsky 76 Helicopter

This jet-assisted helicopter was made for passenger transport in various levels of luxury. Used mainly by the business-class, there are also government and even military applications applied to the 76.

Bell 212 Jet Ranger

This is a popular helicopter used by many different corporate and government agencies. With a good capacity for either passengers or cargo, there’s no wonder these helicopters are seen throughout the world.

Learjet Model 45

When you need to fly in reliable luxury, the Lear Jet never fails to provide.

Cessna Caravan

This single-prop plane is reliable and dependable. It is adaptable to work, transport, or recreational uses.

Quicksilver GT500 Ultralight

An ultra-light is a one-seat personal flying wing with a small rear-mounted prop engine. They can be adapted to some work applications, but are mainly used for recreation. They have a limited range and altitude ceiling.